Exponential: How to grow a large Twitter following

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I have more than 80,000 followers on Twitter. I often gain hundreds more a day.

This guide gives you the step by step process that grew my following to a level few ever attain, and will skyrocket your follower count. 

Why grow a Twitter following? Many reasons:

  • Become prominent in your industry

  • Gain a large audience for any content you create

  • Network with people who can help you achieve your goals

  • Twitter is by far the most time efficient way to grow an audience

  • Monetize and sell products for a sizeable side income worth $1000s a month

Despite there being so many good reasons to grow a large following, most people fail. In fact the average Twitter user only has 200 followers. Many try to grow their account, only to give up after feeling like they've spent weeks tweeting at a brick wall. Maybe this is your experience.

This was me when I first got started, but I persevered, cracked the code to Twitter growth, and now I'm offering you the same process I used to grow a top 0.05% following. What's more the process can take as little as 20 mins a day to follow!

I'm the Well Paid Geek. You may well know me from Twitter where I talk about tech and JavaScript. Just over 18 months ago I decided I wanted to build an audience to raise my profile, get experience teaching others and to make a side income selling info products.

After looking at the various options it quickly became obvious to me that Twitter is the #1 platform for growing an audience as fast as possible while also spending the least time possible (video 3 explains why this is).

I ended up being more successful than I ever imagined.

I'm going to teach you how I did it. I'm actually going to do better than that. I'm going to going to show you the many mistakes I made along the way so you can avoid them. Armed with this knowledge I honestly believe you can grow faster than me.

What's included in the course?

This course consists of 17 videos:

1. Introduction
2. About me
3. Why build a Twitter following?
4. The step by step process - the tl;dr version
5. Pick your tribe
6. Niche down
7. Craft your persona
8. Be an authority - even if you aren’t an expert
9. Add value
10. Optimise your Twitter ‘billboard’
11. Start tweeting
12. Get noticed
13. Engagement is everything
14. A couple of tricks to ramp up your growth
15. Don’t make the same mistakes as me
16. How *not* to grow your Twitter account
17. Monetize your twitter account

Is this course full of Twitter growth 'hacks'?

No. There are no 'hacks' out there. I really think 'growth hacks' are a marketing tool for snake oil salesmen. It's a process that needs to be applied consistently over time. This takes work, but I did it in ~20 mins a day so the process is very time efficient. Having said that there are a couple of 'tricks' that will speed up your growth (see video 14).

Do you teach 'black hat' techniques that could get my account banned?

Absolutely not. The thrust of this is building an account that adds real value to followers on Twitter, but doing it in a way which will get you noticed. I point out techniques that are suspect and likely to get you banned for TOS violations so you can avoid them (see video 16).

You tweet in the tech niche, will this process only work for tech or will it work in other niches too?

Many examples I give within the course are from the tech niche, but the process is 100% niche agnostic. In fact I actually created and honed the process by observing how Twitter accounts in other niches grow. This will work in any niche.

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17 video course, released 22nd July


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Exponential: How to grow a large Twitter following

8 ratings
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